Technical Department

Constant research, continuous innovation, great sensitivity and flexibility to the market incentives and needs are the foundation of Artiglio’s “Philosophy” and the Technical Department is its “hub” and “driving force”. From here all inputs are sent, acknowledged, analyzed and discussed with the Management. From here the techniques and the various processes linked to each item of the production section are reviewed, refined and improved in order to offer to the final user a piece of real, sure and unquestionable quality … Artiglio’s quality!


High technology work centres have been guaranteeing the quality of Artiglio’s final product for many years. The mechanical parts are completely developed within the company, thus exercising further and prompt control on Artiglio’s final product. Modern CAD-CAM systems enable the direct interfacing with the tool-machines, optimising product flow speed and above all guaranteeing maximum flexibility. All machines marked “Artiglio” are assembled within the company and then they are put though a severe and strict final control cycle in order to guarantee conformity with the quality required.

Dynamic test

Artiglio is the only company in this sector to carry out a dynamic test on itsbandsaws. The procedure consists in simulating all the dynamic conditions which the machine undergoes during work, positioning the machine itself on a test bench and operating it with test blades. The final test lasts one day during which all the necessary tests to verify the perfect functioning of the machine are performed.