In the name and trade mark of the Company is represented its own history

Constant research, continuous innovation, great sensitivity and flexibility to the market incentives and needs are the foundation of Artiglio’s “Philosophy” and the Technical Department is its “hub” and “driving force”. From here all inputs are sent, acknowledged, analyzed and discussed with the Ownership.

From here the techniques and the various processes linked to each item of the production section are reviewed, refined and improved in order to offer to the final user a piece of real, sure and unquestionable quality … Artiglio’s quality!

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1946 -

Artiglio... the power of
tradition looking at the future

Artiglio, a Company manufacturing machines for sawmills, was established in 1946 in Limidi di Soliera, near Modena. In 1966, when he was very young, Giancarlo Lari, entered Artiglio as an ordinary employee and in 1953 became, together with his wife Diana, the sole owner.

The management by the Lari family, who were joined in 1986 by their son Luca, marked the beginning of a new and winning “philosophy” of management and production, which still characterizes the Company Artiglio, in the creation and development of its complete range of sawmills equipment

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