Artiglio, a Company manufacturing machines for sawmills, was established in 1946 in Limidi di Soliera, near Modena.
In 1966, when he was very young, Giancarlo Lari, entered Artiglio as an ordinary employee and in 1953 became, together with his wife Diana, the sole owner.
The management by the Lari family, who were joined in 1986 by their son Luca, marked the beginning of a new and winning “philosophy” of management and production, which still characterizes the Company Artiglio, in the creation and development of its complete range of sawmills equipment.
Today also Luca's two children, Lorenzo and Lucrezia, have joined the Company, to give continuity to the work started by their grandfather Giancarlo.
The constant hard work done over the years, has allowed the Lari Family, which was continuously supported by an efficient team of skilled technicians with “hands on” training, to succeed in developing modern technologies for the total control of production, when compared with the other national leading companies in the field of machines for sawmills. Nowadays the trade mark Artiglio can be considered as synonymous with an assurance of quality and reliability.